Friday, October 3, 2008

Kiera's first day of Preschool!!

Kiera had her very first day of preschool on Sept. 9, 2008. She was so excited and had to wear her favorite dress. She gets to go to class with a lot of her buddies from church because she's taught by one of the ladies in our ward. She is highly coveted as a preschool teacher and her classes are usually booked by October, for the next year, so we were very excited when she told us, in February, that she still had a couple spots available. Kiera's completed her first month and she's loving it. It's all she talks about is Miss Kim and how she learned this and that. I love her enthusiasm and I hope it sticks all the way through college. Probably wishful thinking.

Kayla and Ella were excited for her too!

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