Thursday, September 11, 2008


We had the privilege of having Brocks parents stay with us last weekend and so we decided to take the family to Boondocks, a fun center with tons of arcades, golf, go-carting, and much more. We've been before but the kids weren't old enough to really enjoy it. Our good friends, Jeff and Jamie, also came and we had a blast!

Matthew and Kayla vs. Ashley and Kiera
Can you tell who scored???
Grandma and Ella riding the motorcycle
This is Grandma and Kiera waiting for lunch, which was quite the wait. We had put in our order and then waited and waited and waited and after 45min. I went to see what was taking so long. They gave our order to one of the party groups and forgot all about us! With 7 hungry kids all 4yrs. and under this was just not acceptable so grandpa made sure we got some extra fry baskets (Thanks grandpa). Another 10min. later we got our yummy pizza. Luckily the guys were able to keep the kids occupied with games for most of the wait.

Matthew and Kayla racing on the go-carts. My camera died right before Kiera and Ashley had their turn so I can't post any pictures of them. We also enjoyed the fast track on the big go-carts and the bumper boats, me and Kiera got soaked but it was so much fun! Thank you Grandma, Grandpa, Jeff, and Jamie for a fun day!


Chris and Karen said...

Wow such a fun filled day. Isn't it nice to have other people to make sure you get something in return for waiting?

Lauren said...

What a cute blog! Thanks for inviting me and for getting connected. I enjoy reading updates from old friends. Congrats on your boy! He looks darling and so are your girls!

Stephers said...

Your girls are so cute! Little Josh is going to have a lot of "mommies." :-)