Friday, September 11, 2009

Rachel and Ryan

On Aug. 1st we were in NY at my parents for my "baby" sisters wedding. They got married in the Palmyra Temple and had a reception in my parents backyard. Most of you know my Dad's not a member so because he couldn't attend the temple ceremony Rachel had a seperate one in the backyard as part of the reception. Me, Jes, and Sarah were bridesmaids and she had Kayla, Kiera, and Ella as flower girls and Josh as the ring bearer(with Brock's help). The idea was that we would play the wedding music and we would all walk down the isle with our escorts followed by the flower girls and the ring bearer and then my dad would walk Rachel down and pass her off to Ryan. Sounds adorable right? Unfortunately it didn't happen so smoothly. All of us bridesmaids were wearing shoes with a very long heel and as beautiful as they were they were very hard to walk in. My shoes kept piercing through the isle we were walking down and I was dragging it behind me. My escort, Ryans brother, was bringing his knees up to his chest to avoid tripping over the isle. Somebody saw that my shoe picked up the isle and pulled it off and I think tried to hold it down so that we could get down the isle. We made it and stood in our places while everyone else came down. Kayla and Kiera made it down good but Ella, who was carrying a cute basket full of flower petals, tripped over the isle and flew forward face planting right in front of the mirophone. The basket of petals went everywhere and she of course was upset and crying. Then Josh was screaming so Brock had to carry him down the isle and the cute pillow with the rings tied to it. Needless to say it didn't go as planned and I'm so sorry Rachel. Good memory though right?

Some of my Dad's side of the family drove up from Maryland to be there too and it was so good to see them! Starting on the right going counter-clockwise is my cousin Crystal, my Aunt Lynn, my Grandpa and his wife Mary lou, my cousin Jeff and his wife Brooke and Crystals husband Brian(the guy in the yellow striped shirt).

My Uncle Jeff, very left of the picture, and my Aunt Robin with Josh
My Uncle Ron
After a yummy dinner it was dance time. It of course started with Rachel and Ryans first dance

Then the Daddy/Daughter dance

Then everybody else

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jes with Kiera

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Rachel with Kayla and Ella

Cousin Crystal and Brian

Uncle Jeff and my mom

Cousin Jeff and Brooke

RJ and Aunt Robin

What cute boys!

Look at these party animals!!

What a cute couple! It was a beautiful wedding and we're glad we could be there. We are very excited for you Rachel and Ryan and know that you will make each other very happy (most of the time). We love you and wish you the best!

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Mama Mattei said...

These are the first pics I have seen of the wedding! They look great and they brought back a lot of fun memories! Thanks for posting them! Love, Mom