Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ella's Angels

Ella has had a few close encounters with death so I have to thank her Angels for working extra hard to keep her safe. She is naturally prone to accidents but the last few have been scarier than usual so I wanted to blog about them, more for my own memory than anything else. A month ago or so I took the kids to Blockbuster to pick out a movie for family home evening activity and we were in the parking lot loading up to go back home. I was putting Joshua in on one side and telling Ella, who was standing in her seat on the other side, to sit down and start putting her arms through her carseat straps. So I made my way around the car to the other side to help her and when I opened the door guess who did a 1 1/2 backwards sommersault out of the car and landed on the concrete road on her head. You guessed it, Ella. You could hear the crack when she landed and I thought to myself, "Okay, we're defiently going to the hospital for stitches just please let her skull be in one piece." So I picked her up and held her close for a minute and when I checked her head I couldn't find anything. Not a single drop of blood. She just had a little scrape. I called the doctor cause I was concerned about a cracked skull or internal bleeding and wasn't sure what to do. The nurse told us to watch her for 48hrs and she gave us some exercises to do with her to make sure she was responding normally and told us what to look for in case we needed to bring her in. Well, she never showed any signs of discomfort at all, not even a headache. Then, a couple of weeks ago she was supposed to be taking a nap. I heard her playing in her room and then I heard the ceiling coming down followed by a high pitched scream. I ran upstairs to find Ella on her back with her dresser on top of her. She had pulled out the drawers and because it's top heavy it fell on top of her. I thought for sure she had broken something but when I got the dresser off of her she stood up and jumped into my arms more scared than anything. There is no logical reason why, in either of these situations, she shouldn't have been in the hospital with stitches or a broken something and some of you are probably used to this sort of thing but I'm not and am so thankful that she walked away from both unharmed.

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Chris and Karen said...

Wow. . . isn't it amazing that regardless of what they do they are being watched over.