Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I'm finally posting our pumpkin carving fiesta from a week ago. We went to Walmart where pumpkins were only like 3 bucks each and had our girls pick out a pumpkin. Later that night they got to get their hands all slimy while they pulled pumpkin guts out.

Then they each picked a face from our pumpkin carving kit and I carved them. It actually took about 4 days to complete all three of them. Kayla picked the kitty cat, Kiera picked the scarier looking one, and Ella picked the friendly face, of course.
After cleaning what seemed like an endless supply of pumpkin seeds we then boiled and soaked them in salt water and then cooked and ate them. Yummy!

Earlier that day me and the girls made some caramel apples dipped in heath pieces. And on one of the four days of pumpkin carving we enjoyed them. Delicious!

It's a lot easier to see the design the girls picked for their pumpkin in the dark so that's why I posted them like this. All in all it was a fun time and I'm so glad we only do it once a year! I'll be posting Halloween soon so check back!

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Stephers said...

Those are great pumpkins!