Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camera still broke!

So my camera is still not fixed and I'm tired of waiting! I will try to start catching up, more for myself than anything, and hopefully will have some updated pictures soon! So I left off right before we said good-bye to my brother for 2 years! He left on his mission in mid-August 2009 and guess where he went??? Salt Lake City, Utah!!! Yes, that's right! We tried not to poke fun but who could resist :-) He is having the best experience of his life and it has been such a blessing for him and our family! We are so proud of him and can't wait to see him again in 5 months!

My mom and dad moved to Dallas, TX about a year and a half ago and my mom is LOVING the warm temperatures! And as much as I loved visiting them in NY, I love it even more visiting them in TX. They are driving distance away and I am a 100% summer girl so I love the warm temperatures too!

We've also moved a few times. We got a job offer in Houston, TX so we sold our house, for full asking price, before we had to be in Texas. We got a rental home in Littleton, CO closer to where Brock currently worked until we were needed in Texas. A month or two after moving into the rental we found out that the company in Texas changed the job location to Louisiana and the guy who hired Brock quit, because he didn't want to go to Louisiana, which left us out of a job. Fortunately Brock had never gave notice to his current job and we are still with that company. We finished out our rental lease and moved back to Highlands Ranch, CO in September. We are currently in the same apartment complex we started out in 6 years ago when we first came to Highlands Ranch and the same ward! Which we LOVE!!!

The kids are growing like weeds! Josh isn't a baby anymore, sad :-( Ella is enjoying her first year of pre-school and is the biggest princess ever! Kiera is enjoying Kindergarten and doing so great with math and reading and some personal goals she has set and Kayla is our social butterfly. In first grade now and doing so well she has a birthday or a play date every week! Life is busy and hectic and fun and exciting. We are soooo grateful for all that we have and know that the Lord has his hand in our lives!


Amanda said...

So glad to hear that things are going well despite all the craziness. :) I hope you can get your camera fixed soon.

brockbank said...

Oh I'm so gald you still check my blog. What's it been, over a year?! Good to hear from you :-)

The Randall Family said...

Glad to hear everything is going well! We actually considered moving to the Dallas area, but Brock just got an incredible job in Salt Lake! That's right! We're moving to Utah!!! In fact, we're moving on Saturday. :) Soo.... I totally think you guys need to rethink Utah. It would be SO fun to have you close by!